Why is there a picture of a goat on my post?

This is a post I made on LinkedIn, it got a huge response!


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Grown Up Reggie
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New Kid on the block

All the articles on how to use LinkedIn tell you only to talk about your professional life. Well I am really…

Meet Reggie, brother to Ronnie. They were a birthday present just over three years ago. Every morning and evening I tend to them, often see them at lunchtime between Teams call. They always make a fuss and bleat a greeting the moment they see you step out of the door and would even enjoy going for a walk with you.

Sadly, Reggie passed away a few days ago (goats don’t have the best designed intestinal system). I laid him to rest in one of our fields between Teams calls with customers during which I had to be smiley and happy. It was a strange day emotionally.

Yes, I was sad to loose Reggie, but it also made me happy to remember all those time he made me smile. He gave back in bucket loads.

Thank you for the contribution to my Wellbeing in these challenging time Reggie – you were a star.

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